The Templar Group
"Sell Your Business and Cash Out for More than its Worth Today!"

Most business owners sell their businesses at a 1 to 3 times net profit multiple, end up paying
15% - 45% in capital gains taxes, never receive revenue from their business again and
do not have a plan to grow the proceeds of the sale.

With our Mergers Strategy, we can virtually get a 6 times net profit multiple for your
business NOW, with 20% of it in cash now, 80% of it in stock ownership. We still run it as
usual for a minimum of only 2 years, enjoy a high salary and earn huge bonuses for
increasing profits. We also put in place a strategy to reduce or eliminate the capital gains taxes so
you keep more of your money. And finally, we implement safe investment strategies
to create huge compounded Tax Free growth of the proceeds.

Our Mergers strategy is simple... We pool together 5 businesses in specific industries
that meet a specific financial criteria. We merge the 5 businesses and restructure their
business entities into one umbrella corporation. The new umbrella corporation will now
have a total net profit that puts it in the perfect category where private equity firms that
we know will quickly scoop it up at a higher multiple of 6 times the net profit.    

If your company meets the
criteria required we can make it happen!  Contact Us to Learn more!