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The Templar Group
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The Templar Group’s Initiative is to Partner With You To
Grow Huge Tax Free Wealth Together!
We at The Templar Group look to acquire or merge with established profitable businesses that are doing sales of
$1 Million per year or more. We give full market value now with equity in the businesses we acquire, partner or merge with.

Our plan is to acquire and partner with the businesses and implement specific strategies that are designed with the goal to
create a
WIN, WIN Solution for us both.

Vendors usually don’t have a solid plan that allows them to get and keep more of
their money from the sale and more importantly… remain financially secure after the business is sold.

We find that businesses end up selling below asking, give away, way too much to the tax man, the realtors, the lawyers, the accountants,
the debtors and more and by the end of the selling process be lucky to put half of the asking price in their pocket.

And what’s even worse…they don’t have an income from the business anymore.

We at
The Templar Group work closely with select knowledgeable and experienced professionals to put in place a strong strategic and
secure financial plan to ensure all financial opportunities and tax benefits are maximized, utilized and implemented so
as to benefit everyone involved to the fullest in all our acquisitions, partnerships, mergers and investments.

With this Strategic Financial Plan in place, we will have our WIN, WIN solution whereby we will be able to
HUGE TAX-FREE WEALTH just like the ultra wealthy for our Partners and for ourselves!
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Show You
GROW For You Alone
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